Tripod Down

My trusty tripod broke yesterday :( I was at Portland Bill, went to open the legs and one snapped off in my hand!! It felt like part of me had fallen off, I use the thing so often, it feels like part of me now.

Anyway, a new one is winging its way to me for Tuesday, as is a new ND4 filter. I need to reduce the shutter speed for a few shots I have in mind over the next few weeks and the 10 stop nor the 16 stop are suitable, I need to slow the shutter just a little.

I've added some of my older work to the bottom of the Landscapes page, I don't really like looking at my older work as I only ever see flaws, but the images are still selling, so thought I would share here.

I've also added a link to, to the menu, as that site is also now completed.